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Angola Aeronautical e-Summit is attended by the Angolan Minister for Transport

Angola Aeronautical e-Summit is attended by the Angolan Minister for Transport

Today, the aviation sector faces major challenges worldwide, such as insufficient infrastructure, flight connections, high ticketing prices, low passenger, luggage and cargo flows. The importance of aviation in the global (...)
Research, teaching, advanced and postgraduate training center [A3i]

Research, teaching, advanced and postgraduate training center [A3i]

Angola Itech is committed to implementing strategic partnerships, at the national and international, academic and business levels, which contribute to the continuous development of new skills and competences, namely through (...)
High competence in cutting-edge areas, oriented towards creating value, committed to establishing solid relationships, based on professionalism and trust

The expansion and spread of technology is one of the largest challenges that characterize the world in which we live. If, on the one hand, technological innovation driven by the competitive environment of organizations has made digital transformation inevitable, on the other hand it is outlining the frontier of knowledge as far as security is concerned.

It is on this frontier that ANGOLA ITECH is positioned, in guaranteeing reliable security services, based on a strategy involving partnerships, in close proximity with our customers, in the creation and development of win-win solutions.


We take on the optimization of processes through the reduction and elimination of redundancies, overlaps and activities with no added value, to guarantee operational efficiency. We provide approaches to digitize operations and robotize routines and tasks (RPA – Robotic Process Automation) and promote the adoption of artificial intelligence and machine-learning solutions as a way to increase procedural performance.


In the digital and knowledge era, the intelligent management of information and data is essential to make appropriate and timely decisions. We have solutions that allow us to structure and analyze data efficiently, which, through algorithms and predictive analysis, project results, scenarios and trends, make management through objectives and monitoring possible.


We believe in the human capital of organizations as the main driving force for their efficiency and constant improvement. In this way, we understand that it is essential to provide resources with the necessary skills, “know-how” and motivation in striving for excellence. Thus, in partnership with internationally renowned universities and institutes, we offer a wide range of training and certification appropriate for each speciality, ensuring the application and development of competences at the highest level.


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Carrying out duties in public management is increasingly demanding, both at the operational level of the posts and as part of the political and administrative sphere. It is within this context of wider coverage that our offer of courses in Public Administration, Political Power and Local Authorities aims to enhance the role of the decision maker, providing a set of conceptual frameworks with which to analyze public policies as well as undertaking case studies to enable an analysis of reality in various thematic areas within local government.

Governance, Risk and Compliance

Governance, Risk and Compliance is considered as a leadership program, designed to perfect the strategic skills of senior managers and those who occupy or aspire to the highest management positions within an organization. It aims to present participants with the main challenges underlying essential processes in corporate governance, risk management and compliance activity, bringing them together and understanding their role, providing participants with considerable strategic and technical performance, and leadership capacity for the development and innovation of organizations. Based on the experience and knowledge capital acquired, the course is taught by teachers with thorough science-based training. and day-to-day practice.


Governança, Risco e Conformidade

Governança, Risco e Conformidade assume-se como um programa de liderança, desenhado para aperfeiçoar as skills estratégicas dos gestores seniores e daqueles que ocupam ou aspiram os mais altos cargos de gestão dentro de uma organização. Tem por objetivo apresentar aos participantes os principais desafios dos processos inerentes à governança corporativa, a gestão de riscos e a atividade de compliance, integrando-os e compreendendo o seu papel, dotando os participantes para um elevado desempenho estratégico e técnico, capacidade de liderança, desenvolvimento e inovação das organizações. Baseado no capital de experiência e conhecimento adquirido, o curso é ministrado por docentes com rigorosa formação científica de base e prática do dia a dia.


Administração Pública, Poder Político e Autarquias

O exercício de funções em gestão pública são cada vez mais exigentes, tanto a nível operacional dos dossiers como no âmbito da sua esfera político-administrativa. É neste contexto de maior abrangência que a oferta de cursos em Administração Pública, Poder Político e Autarquias tem por objetivo habilitar a função de decisor, proporcionando um conjunto de enquadramentos conceptuais para a análise de políticas públicas bem como a exploração de casos de estudo que permitam uma análise da realidade em vários contextos temáticos do poder local.